Homework Assignments due On:

Students should be studying their multiplication facts everyday. Fact quizzes that aren't passed are due back the next day, with fact worksheet completed. Multiplication facts are a 3rd grade standard, so every day and week that goes by of your student not knowing them sets them further and further behind.

Homework is due on these days:
Tuesday (6/2): Any unfinished in-class work
Wednesday (6/3): Any unfinished in-class work
Thursday (6/4): Any unfinished in-class work
Friday (6/5): Any unfinished in-class work
Monday (6/8): Nothing

Friday, May 29, 2015

Appalachian Trail Hike

     We had a fantastic hike this morning, with lots of sunshine, smiles and screams of laughter. We journeyed about 1.2 miles from Joe Ranger Road to the Thistle Hill Shelter where we ran into an AT thru-hiker named Paul. He was a little startled by the flood of kids, but was very kind and spoke with the students about his trek, where he had started (Mahoosic Notch, NH/ME border) and where he was hoping to end up (Springer Mountain, Georgia). It was a great experience for the students to meet someone who was tackling this challenging hike. After a successful firewood hunt, we got a fire going and were able to roast hot dogs and make s'mores. The students also left some reading materials for any hikers who may stop in at the shelter over the summer months. Two books of animal narratives were left, along with the animal information book. When we returned to school, the students watched a documentary about the AT produced by National Geographic. All in all, a wonderful day.

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