Homework Assignments due On:

Students should be studying their multiplication facts everyday. Fact quizzes that aren't passed are due back the next day, with fact worksheet completed. Multiplication facts are a 3rd grade standard, so every day and week that goes by of your student not knowing them sets them further and further behind.

Homework is due on these days:
Tuesday (6/2): Any unfinished in-class work
Wednesday (6/3): Any unfinished in-class work
Thursday (6/4): Any unfinished in-class work
Friday (6/5): Any unfinished in-class work
Monday (6/8): Nothing

Thursday, March 26, 2015

End of Winter

   I hope everyone enjoyed the winter months and are looking forward to some warmer and longer days! We are cruising along here in fourth grade, having finished up the Vermont animal unit last week. Students created an information page about their specific animal and shared these with the class. These pages will be compiled into a book which will be left in the Thistle Hill Shelter along the Appalachian Trail in West Hartford. Hikers can then use the book as a resource and often they write notes back to the students. Next fall, once hiking season has ended, students will get their book page returned to them along with copies of the notes that hikers left for them.
   We have transitioned into learning about the Vermont government, focusing on how are government is structured as well as how laws are created. We have reviewed and discussed a lot of key vocabulary used in this unit and will begin some more experiential activities next week.
   We are currently finishing up a Geometry unit in mathematics. Students have been working very hard to better understand angles, lines, shapes and the properties/characteristics of those shapes. We will finish this up next week and will then jump right into a unit on higher level multiplication skills.
   We finished our first fraction unit about a month ago, and there was one area of fractions that the grade as a whole (pun not intended) struggled with, which was equivalent fractions. If you have any opportunities to discuss, talk about, explore equivalent fractions with your child, please do so. I will be focusing some extra math work around equivalent fractions, but any extra exposure they can have will only help.


  1. Hi, Mr. McGee-curious to know what we can expect the students to be working on for May?