Homework Assignments due On:

Students should be studying their multiplication facts everyday. Fact quizzes that aren't passed are due back the next day, with fact worksheet completed. Multiplication facts are a 3rd grade standard, so every day and week that goes by of your student not knowing them sets them further and further behind.

Homework is due on these days:
Tuesday (6/2): Any unfinished in-class work
Wednesday (6/3): Any unfinished in-class work
Thursday (6/4): Any unfinished in-class work
Friday (6/5): Any unfinished in-class work
Monday (6/8): Nothing

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We had an excellent NECAP week! The students really put forth great effort and for the most part tried their best. The tests themselves were challenging and really made the students think hard. Great job everyone.

We are now in the closing few weeks of school. We are on our last unit of study for Social Studies - Ancient Egypt! This is usually a very fun and engaging unit that the students really enjoy. We will finish off the unit with an Ancient Egyptian celebration highlighted by some Egyptian cuisine that the students will make.

We are also in our last math unit of the year, fractions and decimals. This can be a challenging unit, with new concepts such as multiplying fractions and converting fractions to decimals. I think the students are up for the challenge!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NECAPs are approaching

Hello there! We have been working at a furious pace here in fourth grade since returning from April vacation. Students finished up our Geometry unit which went very well overall. Students were engaged in the lessons, especially some of the ones I have been learning about in one of my professional development courses. An example is the lesson where I would flash an image on the Smartboard for a few seconds and ask students to draw it on their personal whiteboards. They then get to compare their drawings with their classmates' and make adjustments. We flash the image again and they get to make corrections to theirs. Finally, we put the image up permanently on the board and have a class discussion of what they see. Here is an example of an image we used and a list of the vocabulary that was used by students during the ensuing discussion.

The fourth grade Science NECAPs will be administered next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. We have been gearing up for these by tests by practicing old NECAPs that the State has released. We have also been trying our hand at the Inquiry Task section of the test, which is where students will conduct an experiment to test a research question such as "What types of materials make good conductors of electricty?" The students have really enjoyed doing these experiments, and should be ready to do a great job on the actual test next week. Please make sure your child is getting lots of rest this weekend so they are ready to rock and roll next week. Thanks so much!